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Snoring solutions may be found aplenty, but it’s sometimes difficult to prove which is right for you. At times, selection consists of trial-and-error and it very easy to get dragged into expensive, gimmicky solutions that have very little effect. ?We here at FYST welcome to chance to help guide you towards better choices, without causing you unnecessary frustrations. One such choice revolves around the use of chin straps for helping to correct the problem of snoring. This type of solution is mostly aimed at mouth-breathers, but can be utilised in conjunction with certain other forms of therapy as well–under the advice of a physician of course! That said, there are many other good reviews of the My Snoring Solution Jaw Supporter reviews out there. The difference here however is that we’re trying to help you decide what’s a fit for you, rather than just indicating that it’ll solve all your problems from day 1.

What’s In a Chin Strap?

To set some context, let’s talk about chin straps in a more general sense. A chin strap is normally a piece of flexible material or apparatus that fits under the chin and anchors at the top (and/or back) of the head. The intention is simple, exert pressure on the jaw so that it maintains a slightly forward (and upward) position, thus keeping the mouth closed and forcing you to breathe the right way–through your nose. In this way it accomplishes an effect similar to mandibular advancement devices, but without the complexity (and potential for temporomandibular joint pain). If you are an open mouth snorer, then this represents a great potential solution, especially since mouth-breathing can have some pretty debilitating consequences.?Breathing through your mouth can be very detrimental in the long run, causing poor quality sleep (due to decreased oxygen saturation in the bloodstream), cold and sore throat symptoms, halitosis, and a myriad of other conditions. In children, mouth breathing may affect facial development, tongue positioning and has even been connected to ADHD! So this is a pretty serious matter all around, although it may seem so simple.

How Do I Decide What to Buy?

If you’re trying to deal with your snoring using a chin strap, a few things will definitely matter. While chin straps are accessible, before running out to buy one, consider the following five (5) elements as being important decision criteria:

  • The fit of the strap to your face – It can’t be too tight or else you’ll end up with a sore jaw
  • The feel and flexibility of the fabric used – The material should not cause itching or chafing
  • The anchor points of the strap – Ideally you would want a chinstrap to anchor somewhere between the crown/back of the head
  • Durability – 6 months to a year is considered a decent lifespan for devices such as these
  • Comfort and effectiveness – Ultimately the device should accomplish its purpose–ie. stopping snoring!


Also bear in mind that, as with any specific appliance for correcting snoring, if you suffer from sleep apnea you should first seek the counsel of your?medical practitioner?prior to purchase. Not being aware of this simple fact could mean the difference between an improved or worsened condition.

Persons who suffer from chronic congestion, allergies and sinusitis should also be very wary when seeking to purchase a chin strap solution. Recall that the body actually pops the jaw open as a fallback mechanism in the event that your nasal or upper respiratory passageways are compromised for any reason. ?Disabling this mechanism may cause more harm than good to the wearer, but there are also ways to mitigate the matters of allergies and stuffiness such using steam treatment, or taking antihistamines and nasal sprays before bed.

Is My Snoring Solution Jaw Strap Worth It?

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If you’ve taken into account the caveats mentioned above, we certainly believe so. There are a couple of product attributes that make it very desirable. For one thing, the creator of the product, Stephen Matthews, is an actual OSA sufferer. This means a lot in our books because so many products out there miss one key ingredient in their makeup…empathy. He’s tried his own solution and verified that it worked well for him.

In an independent study conducted by Dr Ahmed Kutty of St Mary Hospital on ten (10) sufferers of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), it was also found that using My Snoring Solution helped to decrease the?number of apnea episodes, lessened snoring, and resulted in lowered blood pressure readings the following morning. Note that we are not making a sweeping generalisation here to guarantee that everyone will share the same results, because My Snoring solution is not a cure for sleep apnea. It is however useful as a control method in helping prevent the further development of primary snoring into OSA.


The device claims to increase REM sleep, which, while not inaccurate, may be a poor choice of words. If you’ve read our article on sleep architecture then you will note that?the amount of REM sleep achieved per night is fairly well regulated (lasting for around 20-25% of overall sleep time). Problems start happening when we experience sleep deprivation for extended periods of time, whether intentionally or not. For persons who are unable to maintain a contiguous block of sleep, this is certainly a source of distress. The My Snoring ?Solution Jaw Strap therefore offers a potential solution in that it will allow you to sleep longer, without frequent interruptions. This means you will be able to get your reasonable due of REM sleep, as a part of your natural sleep cycle. It won’t necessarily ‘increase’ it, though if you have been deprived of REM, you will naturally fall into it much faster than someone who has a regular sleep architecture.

In terms of fit, you can purchase three (3) different sizes for this jaw strap: small, medium and large. These will fit weight classes of less than 120 lbs, 120-240lbs, and 240lbs+ respectively. Be warned however that based on testimonials, the strap may run somewhat small, so if you have a what may be considered a “long” face, going a size up would be advised. Additionally, My Snoring Solution backs its product with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee which lowers the risk of verifying if this is right for you. Do note however that a 25% disposal fee is charged as part of the refund process.

positive review of my snoring solutionOn, the device has garnered a rating of 3.9/5 stars from 198 reviews (at the time of writing).?Approximately 70% of users have had a positive experience (counting ratings of 3 stars and above). This is especially noticeable among couples who have indicated satisfaction with the product’s ability to correct a spouse’s snoring. In some cases, partners that were also sleeping separately have reconciled. Good news for that husband or wife who really needs a break, and wants their bedroom environment to be improved!

The chin strap is made of a soft silk-like material that contours well to almost any face. This makes it very comfortable and easy to wear, especially for the 7-9 hours of sleep oftentimes recommended. Very little chafing or itching has been reported by users, and with some care, you can use this device for quite a while. You can expect the life of this device to last anywhere between eight (8) months and a year (although in some cases it may be longer).

negative review of the my snoring solutionOn the flip side, some have complained about the lack of a proper size chart for the device, along with the fact that it can’t be adjusted. This I believe to be an important point since the ability to change the tension on the jaw is important to keeping the mouth sealed. Others have indicated that it made no difference to their snoring, and a small proportion of users?have said also that the material’s elasticity wore out too quickly.


Let’s do a quick recap of the positives and negatives surrounding this solution.

  • My Snoring Solution has been proven to hold the jaw in forward position, thus helping to solve the problem of snoring for most?users
  • The solution is sold in different sizes which can cater to a wide range of users
  • The device is very?simple to use
  • My Snoring Soltion?doesn’t have any mouth fixtures, and is unlikely to cause jaw pain after extended use
  • Along with a?90 day money back guarantee, the company also offers?worldwide shipping
  • Because the product may run small, it can be somewhat uncomfortable for a small subset of users
  • My Snoring Solution will not?cure sleep apnea
  • As compared to other chin straps, this device is somewhat?pricey
  • A 25% “environmental disposal” fee required for refund

We recommend My Snoring Solution because it is a simple and low cost intervention to solving the problem of snoring. It is also comfortable and has a good track record in performing as advertised. If you’re interested, please go ahead and click the Buy Now link below to grab your own and take it for a spin!

We would also love to hear more about your experience with the product if you’ve bought it already. If you have queries about the information presented here, please do leave us ?comment below and we will get back to you as soon as is possible.

Sleep well until next time!



  1. Nick

    Hey Josh,
    How easily does this come off? I had a jaw support similar to this one but somehow I kept pulling it off in the middle of the night. I also wasn’t a big fan of the big strap across the back of the head. It left a big line mark in the hair and was pretty uncomfortable.

    1. Joshua (Post author)

      Hi Nick, this one fits pretty snugly so it should be pretty difficult to simply take it off while asleep. Unfortunately, ‘printing’ is typical of chin straps that use this design since the anchoring force is at the top and back of the head. You do have a few that spread the force a bit more using a wider band like the Premium White Chin Strap with Extra Support by AG Industries. That said, some folks use a hairnet or do-rag to help mitigate this challenge. Was your first purchase a one-size-fits-all? That may have been the root cause of your discomfort. Let me know.

  2. Joseph Mo

    Hey Josh, this is an interesting read, my brother has the same problem while sleeping bit I didn’t know it brings about health issues in the long run.
    Then this is one problem that has to be taken seriously, I doubt many people know about this, thanks for sharing.
    Do they come in one size or could they be adjusted for a comfortable fit according to someone’s head?

    1. Joshua (Post author)

      Hey Joseph, thanks for the feedback. The My Snoring Solution actually comes in three sizes so it’s definitely not one-size-fits-all. It’s built built to stretch as well so there’s some flexibility in terms of the elasticity for different cranial size variations.


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