Marpac Dohm DS Natural White Noise Sound Machine – An FYST Review


The Marpac Dohm DS All Natural White Noise Sound Machine

There are many benefits to the use of white noise machines. ?Foremost among them is the ability to control your sleep environment by blocking out unwanted noises, thus minimising any possible disturbances to your rest. If you’re having trouble sleeping due to noisy surroundings, the Marpac Dohm DS All Natural White Noise Sound Machine represents an excellent offering to meet your needs. Check the current price of this product here. After taking a look at all the features of this unit, we’ve provided our ratings below. Read on for further details!

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The Dohm’s Value Promise

The Dohm was developed over 50 years ago, and has undergone several iterations in its design. Interestingly enough, the very first prototype?of this product was comprised of a doggy dish, a fan and foam supports. Looking at its new sleek design, one can definitely tell it’s come a long way. Throughout all developments however, from its beginnings as the SoundMate, then the SoundScreen, and now the Dohm, it has served many in the area of sleep quality. It has been so effective in fact, that it has been named the “Official Sound Conditioner” of the National Sleep Foundation! In my humble opinion, this shows a level of credibility and commitment that few other brands can offer.

How Does It Work?

The Dohm-DS has a fairly simplistic design: it is essentially a two-speed motor with an asymmetric fan, all encased within an ABS plastic acoustic housing. The design of the housing and the fan allow the production of a very smooth and soothing sound which is basically?rushing air. Marpac calls this “the Marpac Signature Sound”, since the sound is created without any disturbance to the air immediately surrounding the device. If you’re curious about?the secret sauce–asymmetric fans are known to be quieter because of their blade design. This allows them to spread noise across a range of frequencies–and thus enables products like the Dohm to produce all-natural white noise. This differs from regular fans which tend to hit one frequency most of the time and which are also much louder. Though you won’t get a wide variety of other sounds and soundscapes, it goes without saying that the Dohm-DS can definitely provide you with the kind of masking necessary to get a good night’s sleep in a potentially noisy environment.

marpac-dohm-ds-featured-imageThe acoustic housing of the Dohm-DS has two nifty features that can help you control the?tone and volume of the white noise produced. Firstly there is a “collar” which you can rotate. This “collar” slides across several vents around the circumference of the machine, and depending on the direction in which you turn it, you are able to alter the tonal frequency output. At the top of the device, there is a dial cap which allows you to make the sound either louder or softer.?Altering the speed of the internal fan so as to deliver a different pitch is as easy as flipping the switch at the base of the collar. At the end of the day, you can customise the sound produced so as to find the most comfortable setting at which you can slip away into the land of dreams. To give you a visual illustration of this, here’s an excerpt from the manual (this is for the Dohm-SS, or single speed edition, but it behaves very similarly):

marpac dohm manual excerpt

The Dohm-DS is available in three different colours: white, black and tan. The product comes with an 8′ power cord that works with any standard/domestic 120V outlet. It has a relatively small footprint and can easily fit in a number of cosy places in your room. You would think with the fan inside that vibration would be a problem, but the design of the unit includes a foam base which essentially makes that concern a non-issue. And let’s not forget that Marpac offers a 1-year limited factory warranty–so should you have any issues, customer service is but a call away.

Pros of the Marpac Dohm-DS

  • Proven Reputation – Marpac has been around for a long time. This product is one of the best in class when it comes to pure white noise machines, and based on user feedback, Marpac is very serious about its value promise. Less than 10% of users have reported serious issues with this product.
  • Effectiveness?- This unit can effectively cancel?ambient noise from outside your room.?Users include college dorm students to night shift workers all looking to be able to have uninterrupted sleep in potentially active environments. Sounds like stomping, dogs barking, and loud music are all dampened or rendered well-nigh imperceptible based on user reports.
  • Great for Babies – This product is very friendly for newborns and provides a way for parents to lull their children to sleep fairly rapidly. Some place the device in a safe location close to the crib and have reported very stellar results despite there being noise and activity outside the child’s room.
  • Energy Efficiency – The Marpac Dohm-DS consumes a mere 18W of power for usage. Customers keep this on for hours during the night and have barely registered any increases on their utility bills.
  • Affordability?- The Dohm-DS isn’t as highly priced as a few of the other sound conditioners on the market. That makes it a very economic solution if you want great sleep but are on a budget.
  • Simplicity – Plug it in, flip a switch, turn the collar and the cap–the Dohm-DS is extremely easy to use. It may not have a lot of settings but it is very approachable for all users.

Cons of the Marpac Dohm-DS

  • Rare Motor Failure – The most serious issue reported was that of the machine’s motor failing, producing a high-pitched whine and a smell of burning plastic. While reported by less than 5% of users, it is recommended of course that you test the device and report any defects to the manufacturer so that you can take advantage of your warranty period.
  • Low Volume – Some users report that the product is too quiet. Naturally this is a subjective quality and is likely to be heavily based on individual user preferences and environments.
  • Initial Scent – As with many plastic products in packaging for long periods, the Dohm-DS may emit a strange smell upon the first few days of use. This can be a turnoff for some, but it usually goes away so quickly that it doesn’t remain a problem for an inordinate?length of time.
  • Not Enough Variation – Because this is a pure white noise machine with noise being generated mechanically, there’s some limitation?to the amount of variation one can experience. There are no soundscapes or alternative tracks with this product, but as an “all natural” offering, it focuses rather well on doing what it needs to do.

The Bottom Line: The Marpac Dohm DS Natural White Noise Sound Machine produces great quality sound for a reasonable price. While it may not have some of the additional features of those that produce artificial and nature sounds, it stands out in its category for its simplicity and effectiveness in blocking out sound which will no doubt improve your sleep. If you’re interested in purchasing this item, hit the link below and get started.


I do hope you found this review to be informative! Should you have any feedback to share regarding this product or just generally, please leave me a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as is possible!

Sleep well until next time!



  1. Caroline

    I first came across white noise when my son would not nap. He was around 6 months old when we had a steam roller running outside of our house during his nap time, and he finally slept for longer than 20 minutes! From that moment on, I’ve been a lover of white noise.

    You say that some people find this white noise is not loud enough, but is the volume setting variable at all? I’m also not a fan of the aesthetics, it’s not the prettiest of things to have sitting on your bedside table is it?!

    1. Joshua (Post author)

      Hi Caroline, thanks for your comment! I love your story on how you discovered the benefits for yourself. I actually came across white noise as a student in college–it was really necessary since rabblerousers in my neighbourhood held frequent parties during the week.

      In terms of the volume on the Dohm, yes it is variable and can be adjusted by simply turning the cap. Its loudest setting is fine in my book, and teh sound generated isn’t harsh at all. I think to some extent the size of your room plays a part in dissipating the sound–you’d ideally want it to fill your space (perhaps this is why some persons complained). The Dohm is also not exactly the most attractive of white noise machines, but its design is very minimalist and unobtrusive, which is great for someone like me! Plus it fits almost anywhere.

      Have you had any experience with another brand?

  2. andrejs

    Hi, Thomas and thank you for giving me a possible solution to my wife’s sleeping problem.
    Actually not a problem but maybe the effective method to cope with sleepless nights. I never heard before about such a devices but why not to try even price is not so high. She has tried different kinds of music but with minor effect.

    1. Joshua (Post author)

      Hi Andre, I am glad that you found value in this review. White noise is very effective, especially for persons who may have insomnia since it’s a great way to lull the mind into a state of sleep. The Dohm is a very cost-effective and easy to use machine that’s sure to give your wife a more comfortable means of falling (and staying) asleep. If you decide to purchase, please feel free to drop me a line about your experience!

  3. carol

    Hello Thomas,

    Thanks for this information. I have heard stuff about it but never really looked into it. Now, reading what you have to say I am really interested. I have been struggling on and off with my sleep patterns for years. So, hopefully, this can be an answer to my sleepless nights.


    1. Joshua (Post author)

      Carol, white noise is a pretty effective way of getting rid of noise in your sleep environment. You can try getting tracks on Youtube as well just to try it out! Thanks for reading and all the best with your sleep.

  4. valval

    This might be the way to go. I sometimes find it difficult to sleep, for various reasons, could be too much on my mind or could be the noise in my neighborhood. I live in a busy area with cars honking, loud music, or people yelling. I’m not a fan of medications to help me sleep so this might be a good option. Do you think it could work on the first time using it? Or does it take a few nights to get used to for it to be effective. Probably it’s too hard to say…

    1. Joshua (Post author)

      Hey Val, white noise is surprisingly easy to get used to, especially if it’s of the natural variety. Sometimes synthetic noise can have a tinny quality which some people (like myself) are sensitive to, but this product won’t have that issue. I’d certainly say give it a shot!


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