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Snoring is a common problem that affects people of all genders and ages. When asleep, your throat muscles relax, and the tongue falls back making the throat narrow and floppy. This results in excessive vibration of the throat muscles which causes snoring. Stats show that snoring affects about 90 million people in the United States. Studies have shown that snoring causes unrefreshing and fragmented sleep which often translates to poor daytime performance, tiredness, sleepiness and other health issues.

How can you end snoring for good? There are many solutions, and I’d like to make sure you get information on some of the best on the market. Today we’ll be looking at a Good Morning Snore Solution review in order to help you decide what’s right for your situation.

What is the Good Morning Snore Solution?

good morning snore solutionThe Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) is an innovative tongue stabilizing device (TSD) that is designed to fight the problem of snoring. It utilizes a simple tongue displacement technique to align your tongue in a forward position and prevents it from falling back towards the throat, hence, preventing it from clogging the airway when you are asleep. It is a revolutionary device that works efficiently to combat snoring and can also improve sleep apnea in those affected by the condition. Compared to traditional jaw displacement devices, chin straps, pillows and mouth guards, you’ll find that this device works extremely well. If you need some more proof, view some testimonials for users of GMSS!

How Does the Good Morning Snore Solution Work?

GMSS is a tongue retaining device; meaning it does not hold the jaw but the tongue instead. It attaches itself to the tip of your tongue and the other part of the device rests in between your outer teeth and inner lips. To ensure your tongue remains in a forward position, the Good Morning Snore Solution keeps the tongue in a small bubble with a suction effect between your lips. Since the tongue is held in a forward position, it can’t collapse backward towards the throat when you are asleep. The device ensures that your airway remains clear and the risk of soft throat tissues vibrating is eliminated. It provides a relaxed feeling, unlike mandibular advancement devices that can sometimes be uncomfortable.

Who Can Use GMSS?

Simply follow the video above to see if GMSS will work for you! If you just don’t like mandibular devices and/or suffer from severe jaw soreness, then you will find this device to be very suited to your needs. Further, if you have loose or weak teeth that do not tolerate high pressure from mandibular devices, then the Good Morning Snore Solution may be a great fit for you. Click here to go to the product information page for some more details.

I should mention that you can also use GMSS if you are overweight or with a BMI of 25-30. Obese individuals have excess fat around the neck which often causes compression of the throat muscles leading to snoring (or Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome). Again, people whose snoring results from mouth breathing or regular alcohol drinking are also recommended to use GMSS to stop snoring. Note however, that if you have a deviated septum, nasal polyps or any other type of injury, then you may not be a good candidate of the Good Morning Snore Solution.

How to Use the GMSS Device

The device features a unique but simplistic design that makes it pretty easy to attach in place. In fact, you don’t need a prescription from your dentist at all as it is very simple to handle. The directions to wear it are straightforward. Just squeeze it using your fingers and let the small part open up. Then, insert your tongue in the opening till it reaches the end before releasing your fingers. The device will be ready to work.

How to Care for the GMSS Device

Cleaning the device is quite simple. You can use any denture cleaning solution or tablet from a local pharmacy with cold water. Soak it for 10 minutes then swirl and let it dry. You can expect it to last for around 12 months. Ultimately though, as with all products, its lifespan varies depending on your use and care.

Benefits of Using GMSS

Immediate Relief

The biggest advantage of GMSS is that it stops snoring immediately without compromising on your comfort. Remember this is a clinically tested and proven device that targets the real cause of snoring. It has several government clearances from various parts of the world such as FDA, BBB, and the Australian Government. If you are a notorious snorer at home, then this device will save you and your partner many sleepless nights. It surely guarantees you a sound and uninterrupted night’s sleep.


You can still wear GMSS even if you have dentures, dental crowns, caps or badges. When using it, you’ll normally need to breathe through your nose, so mouth-breathers can rejoice in this potential fix! Additionally, if you have mild to moderate sleep apnea, use of GMSS can certainly contribute to your sleep quality. Also, since your teeth are held slightly apart by the device, the habit of teeth grinding (bruxism) while asleep is effectively mitigated.

Safety and Durability

The Good Morning Snore Solution is made of BPA and latex-free materials. It’s an entirely safe device to use in your mouth. The materials used are soft, firm and very durable. You also don’t bite it when it is in your mouth as there are no moving parts. Its one-size-fits-all approach makes it very impressive. It can fit very well to any mouth size, and this makes it a winner in resolving the problem of snoring.


Another notable benefit of using GMSS is that it does not cause Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder which is a major problem associated with long-term use of mandibular devices. If you have TMJ pain, it means you can’t use MADs. GMSS is, therefore, an option for you to consider.

Money-back Guarantee

GMSS is affordably priced and won’t break your bank. Besides, in case you are a bit nervous about the functionality of your device, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Its simplicity and cost-effectiveness have made it very impressive and is now available for sale in many parts of the world.

If you’ve liked what you’ve seen so far, you can purchase either a single or family pack using the link below.

Good morning snore solution

Click the image to purchase the solution!

Downsides of GMSS

Tongue soreness

If you squeeze your tongue too tight, you can experience a sore tongue the following morning. However, this pain should not last for more than a day. It is common if you are wearing it for the first time. Watch for slippage at night as well–persons new to the solution sometimes experience this due to a poor seal between the tongue and device.

Gum irritation

A small percentage of persons may experience gum irritation since the flaps of the device site atop the teeth and gumline.


Drooling is another common complication you may experience. Since the device protrudes from your mouth, it may not allow you to close it fully. This is not a major issue however, though it is common during the first few days.

How to Get the GMSS device

GMSS has been tried and proven to have the highest success rate in resolving the problem of snoring. Upon using this device, snoring should become the least of your worries. This is an excellent opportunity to restore your sleep with a reasonably priced solution that works for you and your family.

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As said before, you can purchase both single and family pack varieties depending on your preferences. Click the link above to get started. We here at FYST wish you all the best, and please do leave us a comment below regarding your feedback!



  1. louloublogger1980

    I was thinking of buying these for a family member who tends to have occasional problems with snoring. I did want to see if there were any downside beforehand and thanks to this article I know have more of an idea about them…so thanks.
    I suppose if the person is only using them on occasions then the downsides won’t be that noticeable.
    Great help thanks!

    1. Joshua (Post author)

      Hey Loulou, GMSS definitely represents a low cost intervention that can be used to solve your family member’s snoring problems. I would advise continuous use rather than occasional use, since it helps to get the condition under control faster, and the downsides will cease to be less concerning. Try it for 30-days and hit me up if you have any feedback. I would be genuinely interested in your family member’s response to the treatment!

  2. JRay


    I have been nudged awake several times for snoring by my girlfriend. She says sometimes It’s so loud that I keep her awake.

    I also have jaw soreness at times, this is due to me grinding my teeth which I have looked into methods to help with.

    Could Good Morning Snore Solution help with this as well?

    Thanks, all the best.

    1. Joshua (Post author)

      Hi JRay, thanks for your comment. GMSS, while not a device for bruxism (teeth grinding), can actually help improve the condition. The design and the way that it fits in the mouth causes a slight separation of the jaw, so you might be able to get some relief from its use. I’d say give it a shot–with a 30-day moneyback guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

  3. Louise

    This post is very relevant to me as my boyfriend is a terrible snorer and it has been causing issues between us as I get woken up constantly! He has tried numerous things including trying to sleep on his side (never lasts long), nose strips, gum for the roof of his mouth but none of them have been truly effective. I am quite excited about the Good Morning Snore Solution – I have high hopes for it – and that it may fix things between us! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Joshua (Post author)

      Wow, your boyfriend should definitely give it a shot! For other stuff he could be doing, you can also look at our free ebook that deals specifically with resolving relationship issues caused by snoring.

  4. Hammer


    Much to my wife’s misfortune, I recently started snoring and I have tried several options out there but I had not heard of this. I actually snore so loud sometimes that I wake myself up… lol.

    I’m going to check this out, especially because it has the 30 day money back guarantee. Thank you the information.

    1. Joshua (Post author)

      No problem Hammer. From personal experience I can say it’s a very good product which can really improve your snoring. The excessive salivation was a nuisance at first, but after that it’s been smooth sailing.


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