About Josh

Hi, I’m Josh, and I’ve been massively interested in the benefits of proper sleep for almost six (6) years.Josh and Kay

I strongly believe that quality sleep is a big differentiator for general health and well-being, and can sometimes mean the difference between performing at one’s peak as against just average. To that end I’d like to help other people, particularly those with sleep disorders, improve their health and ultimately contribute to them being able to live life to the fullest!

How did I get into this field?

I came into this field primarily because of ?my lovely wife. She was diagnosed with post-traumatic epilepsy at the age of 14 and that came with many complications. Interestingly enough, with medication she was able to cope with her illness for a very long time, but then we realised after a while that she had begun to have persistent headaches (especially in the morning) and chronic fatigue. I watched her energy diminish daily…which was very hard to do. After some time we were able to locate a pulmonologist who?diagnosed her with?obstructive sleep apnea,?and followed through with?relevant sleep therapies and techniques which enabled her to sleep well again. The difference this made was, in a word, astounding!

The world needs better sleep. Most of us are very career- and/or family-oriented these days and may also be coping with long-term chronic illnesses that affect our ability to spend time doing what we love best. It is my wish for you that you will take sleep seriously and look at it as an important tool to achieving your life goals. Please look at my blog as a place for supportive conversation and feedback.

I look forward to hearing your stories!

Be blessed,


Founder – Fix Your Sleep Today!